Smart Factory

Equipping products and sensor devices with communication capabilities and then crossing and accurately analysing the huge masses of information through big data: this is the cornerstone of the connected factory. Also called the ‘smart factory’, it creates unprecedented commercial, financial, engineering and production opportunities.

Intelligent and connected, each product is individually identified, allowing real- time monitoring of its operation and in-situ behaviour (wearing of parts, vital processes, etc) and the earliest detection of signs of wear or malfunction. Similarly, during production it is possible to know all details about its manufacture and to semi-autonomously control processes.

By adopting the smart factory your company will be able to develop products that are more customised, faster and targeted to consumers.

Having the potential to inform operators and users as well as optimise equipment usage drives significant cost-savings and creates considerable opportunities. For example, an object’s design can be improved based on real conditions of use in the room, and the results directly measured through returns of specific experiences.

The smart factory enables you to:

  • Multiply gains in performance through algorithms for your data treatments
  • - Increase your productivity through use of interconnected systems
  • - Transform your processes for better interoperability
  • - Enhance your image through echnology and development of tools to support intelligence in your process.

 Design your own Smart Factory!