3 Smart


Understanding our clients’ constraints, we have developed a modular offering that combines training and exploration of datascience ecosystem. Whether your desire is purely to start investing a datascience project or to quickly achieve significant steps in datascience technologies, we have a solution.

We support you in meeting specific training programs, particularly regarding new breakthroughs in machine learning and deeplearning applications. We also make our JELLY© technology tools available to your teams, in line with your priorities.


We set up data management systems (DMS) that are customised and efficient in order for our customers to gain more from their data. We develop continuous data treatment and analysis based on in house indicators that are relevant and specific to your organisation.

We can also accompany you in a review of your industrial stakes and define the most coherent datascience strategy for your organisation. For example, our JELLY© technology tool can be perfectly adapted to different sizes of organisations, providing high quality data analysis and personalised indicators for process improvements and savings.


Our understanding of smart factory technology and the use of smart data for industrial applications have equipped us for this revolution. We offer technological data analysis and treatment tools adapted to and consistent with your industrial and data strategy.

Our JELLY© smart tools offer, lets you take advantage of new technologies and big data to the fullest extent, meaning you can manage your information with ease and efficiency. This enables process automation and integration of technology for optimal data management, in line with your industry.