Our team

Experienced and reactive, our team provides the right support for your data management and technological maturity. These multidisciplinary experts include specialists in datasciences, project engineering, statistics and smart-data applications development. By mobilising the resources best adapted to your projects, we maximise their efficiency and relevance.

We share common values: pragmatism, the search for excellence, an entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for our business. The compact size of our team is an asset, increasing our responsiveness when serving our customers

We also have key skills to assist you most efficiently:

  • - Strong industry expertise and knowledge
  • - Cross-expertise in datascience (big data, machine learning, deeplearning)
  • - Training and supports on these new smart technologies

We also have AFNOR certifications as industrial experts, which attests to the quality and expertise of our approach.

Our organisation assures the continuous quality of our service through:

  • - A pragmatic approach to your challenges, offering a value-added service
  • - A network of 200 experts specialising in machine learning, deeplearning and industrial expertise of your processes
  • - Expertise in implementing industrial projects for a service that’s tailored to your requirements.

We seek to build long-term customer relationships based on shared success stories. As such we work on a case-by-case approach designed to create sustainable and effective partnerships.