Who we are?

Smart-Factory creator

Ptrole helps you developing your smart-data project and integrate the tools of the intelligent factory.

Thanks to our areas of expertise in Smart Factory and our technologies, we can prepare you for this revolution – while keeping your current industrial constraints in mind. 

As specialist in datascience and engineering smart-data, we offer support for all of your data-related processes, integrating data in a way that makes it a factor in performance.

Our positioning close by your side assures the implementation of coherent datascience strategies and technological tools tailored to your future development.

Combining our skills and creating synergies in our business, we cover a range of services from defining strategies for smart-data projects to smart technology solutions for data-analysis. We dedicate our expertise and technology to the connected factories.

For this reason our services are conceived around the 3 “Smart":

- Be-Smart

- Smart-Data

- Smart-Tools

By understanding your multiple challenges, we ensure a personal response tailored to your business needs.


Anticipate the potential impacts and future datasciences needs of your business.

Understand key aspects of datasciences and start driving value added for data.


Set up an efficient organisation thanks to data analysis and data treatment in smart mode.

Adapt your organisation to current and future digital opportunities.



Drive performance with new connected factory tools.

Deploy initial smart factory processes and devices, and take the first steps towards becoming an intelligent factory.

Data generated in 2020 in Go
Total IoT devices in 2020
Actual added value extracted from data (%)
Smart data increase operating margin by more than (%)


You want to:

Prepare for for the smart-data revolution

Clarify datascience concepts and technologies

Create a smart-data project effectively

Respond specifically to your industrial stake by an industrial smart-data PoC

And integrate future challenges : 3x20

Boost performance including by:

Harnessing your industrial data through datasciences

Optimising responses to your industrial stakes: predictive maintenance, efficient process and supply chain, smart-grid

Laying the first stone in your factory of the future


Smart-data advantages

Operational benefits in all sectors

Operational benefits in all sectors Smart-data creates benefits across various sectors and activities. Worldwide (source McKinsey), the public sector could reduce its costs by 15% to 20%, reduce fraud and improve tax payments. Everything would save more than 250 billion euros per year in Europe alone. The retail sectors could improve its operating profitability through Big Data on average by […]

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